There are many different damages you may claim in a personal injury lawsuit if you have sustained car accident injuries that are a result of the wreck. The following types of claims potential claims exist:

1. Catastrophic Injuries from Car Accidents- This is listed first because many times these types of cases have all the damage components from extreme medical bills sometimes, to extensive loss wage claims and very high dollar pain and suffering.

Medical expenses-   If you are in a car accident, injuries may be as minor as a few cuts and bruises, or as serious as paralysis or some other permanent disability. Medical expenses arising from a car accident may include (but aren't limited to) any of the following:

  • Physical and/or cognitive therapy (if a brain injury);
  • Ambulance fees;
  • Consultations with health care professionals;
  • Accessories such as crutches or heat pads;
  • Disfigurement (see Pain and Suffering, below);
  • Permanent disability;
  • In-home services (even if non-medical).

2. Lost wages-  You must be able to prove that the injuries have impaired or diminished your ability to earn money in the future, based largely on past earnings

3.Future Lost wages- In some circumstances depending on if any injury is permanent these types of damages are available. 

4. Pain and suffering- Mental and physical distress that is a direct result of the accident 

5.  Future Pain and suffering- must be a permanent injury with an impairment rating or death

6. Loss of consortium- If a motorist dies as a result of his injuries, surviving family members may claim loss of companionship damages. As a practical matter these type of claims should only be brought in very serious or catastrophic injuries so that  a jury does not think you are trying to take advantage of a situation. For this type of claim, the jury considers whether:

  • the deceased motorist had a loving and harmonious relationship with the plaintiff(s);
  • their living arrangements; and
  • the general impact of the motorist's death on the surviving family members

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