Delays or Gaps in Treatment


Gaps in Treatment

Let's start with delays in medical treatment after a car accident. The insurance company will be interested to see if you are truly injured after your collision.  Failure to seek treatment sends a signal that you may not be injured, and therefore will not require a large personal injury case.  Seeking medical care will help satisfy the insurance company and provide documentation for your personal injury claim that is objective in nature. What you say and intensity and persistence of pain without documentation that supports your claim is subjective.

Next, we need to discuss gaps in treatment after your collision.  Missing Doctor appointments will be a gap in treatment and the more of these that occur the more suspicious the insurance company will become and the more confident they will become that they can paint a picture of something else other than the injuries the Plaintiff is alleging is going on which will damage your case.  

In addition, gaps in treatment commonly lead to prolonged pain and suffering.  Make sure to contact your Doctor if you need to reschedule an appointment, and document the reasons behind any missed appointment. The at fault party only has to pay for what is reasonable and necessary so if injured party is missing doctor appointments and the like this could be extending the recovery time and the at fault party should not be responsible for the injured's neglect of his or her injuries.

Seeking medical treatment could be the best thing you can do to help build and support your personal injury claim.  We all know that time is limited after any collision, and the insurance company is not kind when it comes to delays or gaps in medical care.  Make sure that your Doctor understands the documentation required for collision injuries, and is willing to explain your treatment in court if not you may want to find another doctor. 

What if I already have a gap in treatment after my car wreck?

To begin, seeking immediate medical care is the most important thing you can do after any car wreck.  However, you can still get treatment if you have postponed medical care but the limits largely depend on factual situations of each claim. 

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