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The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be long, confusing, and tedious.  Often, claimants are denied merely for making an error on their initial application or for failing to return a form.  First, we have done over 20,000 Social Security Disability cases and just the repetition of dealing with a bureaucracy such as SSA will give our clients an advantage over those who go at it alone.  We prevent technicalities from derailing our clients from getting the benefits they deserve. If you do not understand the complex laws, rules, and deadlines of the Social Security Disability process, you should never apply for benefits without a lawyer by your side.  An experienced Representative can help you navigate the process so that you are not denied the benefits you deserve based on a technicality or mistake.

Next our forms we have modified over 15 years making them better and better. These forms make it more likely that SSA will find you disabled than the forms of SSA in some instances. We represent you not anyone else involved in your case.


Next, we put our money where our mouth is. If we win we get paid. On the other hand if we lose we are out our time, money and resources. We help people and want to help people. Helping others is what we do!

Finally, we are going to paint a picture of the best case we can based off of the facts we have. Doing this thousands of times has made us experts in the subject matter area. Simply put if my toilet breaks I call a plumber. Why? I am not an expert in fixing toilets and know I am more likely to be the expert in breaking the toilet. Therefore I pick the phone up and call the plumber, my toilet expert. 

Consider this, the average lifetime benefits a person receives from winning a Social Security Disability claim are often more than $250,000.00.  Don't make a huge mistake and risk losing this money call Betz and Baril and get the expertise you need to win your case.

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