Head-on Collision


Head on Collisions

Head on collisions are the deadliest car wrecks that happen. 

6 Common Causes of Head-on Collisions

The vast majority of car accidents involve human error – and head-on collisions are no exception. These six factors contribute to most head-on crashes:

  1. Inattentive Driving
  2. Texting and driving Distracted driving
  3. Driving while fatigued 
  4. Not adjusting behavior to poor weather or low visibility
  5. Using poor technique when overtaking a vehicle
  6. Driving Under the Infuence (DUI)and
  7. Failure to Yield
  8. Ignoring traffic signs and signals.

Tennessee Head-on Wreck Lawyer

Under Tennessee law, a head-on car accident usually occurs when one car runs directly into an oncoming vehicle, a head-to-head crash. These accidents can sometimes produce severe injuries that can impact an individual's life in the long-term.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another in a head-on collision, it is critical that you consult with a Tennessee Head on wreck lawyer and Betz and Baril is standing by call us at 865-888-8888.  An experienced attorney will be able to help maximize any damages you are entitled to.

 Injuries we tend to see in cases include but are not limited to


  • Airbag injuries
  • Broken glass injuries
  • Severe bruising or lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Head injuries
  • stiches
  • Eye injuries
  • Mouth injuries or facial injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Whiplash
  • Wrist injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Loss of limb

These injuries may require months, years or for the rest of your life of medical treatment and rehabilitation. Calling a head on collision injury lawyer is recommended. Betz and Baril has helped hundreds of victims of head on accidents. Let our firm review your case to get an understanding of what happened and who may be at fault. Our lawyers are ready to stand up against insurance adjusters who may be blaming you for what happened or downplaying the accident. We will fight for your rights and do our best to recover maximum damages.

Factors That Impact Liability

An attorney will always want to look at the comparative fault an issue and determine which driver was most at fault. A lawyer will want to see if there was a driver that was guilty of reckless driving, if they were racing, driving recklessly, or driving way too fast, if they should have been driving to name a few things.

A Tennessee head-on wreck lawyer will look to see if there was an impaired driver, if they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs that can create a claim for both compensatory damages and punitive damages, and then look to see if the individual had anything in their car or vehicle that may have distracted them, such as being on their cell phone. A Tennessee head-on accident lawyer can help an individual determine liability in these circumstances.

Punitive Damages

In head-on collision cases, punitive damages tend to arise more when the driver was doing something illegal. The most common instance would be when a person was driving that way because they were drunk, under the influence of marijuana, or any other type of drug. So many of these wrecks are from text messaging. Everyone knows it and we all continue to do it.

Benefits of an Attorney

The first thing a person will want to do is collect the evidence immediately. If possible, an individual should get to the accident scene, take pictures, and photograph any scuff marks, skid marks, or gouge marks in the road way to determine where the point of the impact was.

Sometimes, if the car has the capability, a Tennessee head-on wreck attorney will get the black box information from the car so they can find out what was going on with the car with regards to speed and turn movements before the accident.

A lawyer will take photographs of the vehicle so they can see where the points of the impact were and hopefully keep those vehicles somewhere in a safe condition, talk to witnesses who may have seen the accident, and see what they believe happened. An attorney will make sure their client gets medical treatment, so they can gather all the medical bills and records needed to speak with the insurance company for a settlement or a jury if the case goes to trial.

Betz and Baril will speak to the individual's health insurance companies to make sure that all the bills have been paid and see if they have a subrogation claim. If they cannot settle the case, an attorney does not think that the insurance company is being fair, then they will go ahead and file a lawsuit for the car accident claim or maximize the amount of money in the clients pocket by negotiating with the car insurance and the health insurance subrogation companies. Oh a do not forget doctors bills.

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