Reconsideration is the second phase of the SSDI application process. When an application for disability benefits is rejected (which is about 80% of the time), the next step is usually to appeal the initial determination. Once appealed an applicant is at the Reconsideration phase of his or he claim.

In Reconsideration, the same office that evaluated your initial SSDI application (but different people in that office) will review the application a second time, along with any new information you submit, to see if you actually should have been approved. Many times cases at this level are almost rubber stamped but there are things that an applicant or his representatives can do to try and prevent that from happening.

What Happens at Reconsideration?

When an Initial Application has been denied, the applicant has 60 days to notify the Social Security Administration that they want to have their application Reconsidered. Actually, SSA grants the applicants a 5 day grace period to et their Reconsideration appeal in. It usually takes about 3 to 6 months for a Reconsideration to be processed, but it can sometimes take more.

If the DDS examiners find you disabled then you will receiive benefits. However, this is rare – only 8 to 10 percent of applications are approved at Reconsideration. Most likely at this phase, your application will be denied again. But don't worry – that's not the end of the line. If you are rejected at Reconsideration, you can as for a hearing in front of an independent administrative law judge.

Always Keep Fighting

The chances for receiving benefits are far greater with appeals than just walking away, which is guaranteed to end with no benefits. Many people will just give up after their first denial of benefits. Either they become discouraged (which is understandable) or they don't realize they have the option of appealing a negative decision (which is also understandable – the process can be confusing!). But not continuing to fight for one's benefits is almost always a significant error on the part of these individuals.

Typically, you should keep fighting because oversights, errors and misunderstandings may lead to unjust decisions during the entire appeals process. 

Betz and Baril's team of disability specialists will increase your chances for success during the appeals process. Over 90% of people that sign up with us we eventually get approved. The fight can be long and arduous but we will fight until justice for our clients prevail.

Reconsideration, and Appeals In General, Make More Sense than Refiling.

People who continue with the appeals process and have representation with Betz and Baril are much more likely to eventually have their benefits approved. This may not be until the highest levels of the appeals; however, it is likely to occur at some point and much more likely than if you give up or just keep filing new applications. Repeating the same course of action and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Don't wait, Call 8, and get Betz and Baril on your side. Call us, 865-888-8888.

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