Whiplash injuries from a car accident



Whiplash refers to the condition in which the neck muscles are strained or extended past their ordinary range of motion. Many Tennessee drivers and passengers suffer from whiplash injuries after a sudden stop happens or when a vehicle collides with another object at high speeds. Many Tennessee drivers suffer from whiplash after being involved in a car accident where they were Rear ended by another driver.

Tennessee whiplash attorneys, Betz & Baril, know the far-reaching medical and financial consequences that you may be facing if you have been the victim of a car accident. If you sustained whiplash injuries after being involved in an accident, you may be eligible to collect compensation from the careless driver that caused your injury.

Whiplash verse Concussion

Costs Associated with Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash can be extremely painful at the time of the accident and long after the initial incident. Whiplash injuries are also often accompanied by numerous expenses, which can easily include:

  • Emergency transport
  • Hospital visits
  • X-rays / CT-Scans
  • Pain medication costs
  • Physical therapy
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness tingling in arm
  • Sleep Disturbances

Whiplash symptoms usually appear within 24 hours following the accident, and it can also have long term effects such as chronic headaches or back pain. The range of injuries for a whiplash injury is very broad, and may be misdiagnosed due to its nature as a soft tissue injury. For example, a whiplash injury will not appear on an X-ray and may not appear clearly on an MRI. Thus, it may appear that a person's body is physically fine, but they may still be feeling significant pain and complications.

The treatment for whiplash focuses on pain management, restoring normal movement in the neck and helping people return to their everyday activities. To this end, they may use immobilization, rest, the application of heat or cold packs, over the counter or prescription medications, physical therapy or a combination of these.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Whiplash?

It is often overlooked as a minor injury, but a study on whiplash recovery time by Arthur Ameis in 1986 showed that 71% of people still had some symptoms more than 7 years after sustaining their injury.

Ameis also noted that “after 18 – 24 months, almost all patients with moderate injury will have reached functional recovery, although some report recovery up to five years later.”

Recovery Time For Mild Whiplash

Sufferers of whiplash from a minor car accident may have only a few days of neck and upper back pain.

Milder cases of whiplash are treated with paracetamol, or anti-inflammatory pills such as ibuprofen and symptoms usually subside within a few weeks. It is advisable to try and keep the head and neck mobile rather than put in a brace, as this can aid the healing process.

Recovery Time For Chronic Whiplash

For those involved in a more serious accident, there can be severe pain and difficulty moving the neck and head, and full symptoms may only present themselves a days after the impact.

Severe whiplash injuries can last for months, and on rare occasions, the symptoms may never fully disappear. The pain and stiffness in the neck can be accompanied with upper or lower back pain, severe headaches, sleepless nights and affected vision among other symptoms.

Recovery time may depend on the treatment you seek for your injuries. Long term physiotherapy or rehabilitation may be required.

What Are the Damages Available?

Like any other accident, the damages you are entitled to are dependent on your medical and treatment costs, financial losses, and lost wages or work time. A whiplash diagnosis and cost of treatment often depends on the severity of the injury. There is no standard damage award for whiplash, and there is no magic formula for determining your damage amount.

Tennessee is a fault state in terms of accidents, meaning the defendant who caused the accident or your injuries will be liable for your damages. If your insurance company refuses to cover the medical care costs until you can sort it out with the defendant, you may also have to file a suit against your insurance company. In Tennessee, the statute of limitation for car accident injuries is one year, or three years for vehicle or property damage.

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